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Preventive Roof De-Icing System

Snow on your roof can lead to ice damming and that can cause serious damage to your home. A.M.I. Roofing will come to your home and design a roof de-icing system to eliminate potential disaster in the winter.

The Solution to Snow on the Roof

We install systems that feature de-icing cables. First, we install vertical channels that control ice melt from the roof's valley down to the eaves. When the heat cable is placed into the channels, it carries the heat into the eave panels and self-regulates its output.

Self-regulating heat cable will protect your roof from ice damage during the most severe winter. Installing de-icing panels along your roof edges and valleys can also maintain the look of your house. Give us a call to take advantage of our specials this year for engineered de-icing panels that we custom build and install.

Snow on Roof